Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Our law firm has for many years been practising in this challenging area of law, representing many local and foreign commercial and investment banks, security providers and corporate borrowers.

We can assist on all the legal aspects of loan and security transactions that involve Cyprus or have a cross-border aspect to them. We can provide you with solid and sound legal advice about the Cypriot legal framework involving banking and finance transactions.

Our legal and corporate team can advise local and international banks in relation to many regulatory matters, compliance issues and on acquiring banking licences from the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Our work in this area of law covers the following transactions:

  • Domestic & Cross-border loan agreements
  • Drafting and executing security documentation involving corporate assets
  • Refinancing of debt
  • Loan & Collateral restructuring
  • Registration of charges
  • Pledges of shares
  • Asset and Project Finance
  • Securities law compliance
  • Legal Opinions
  • Corporate due diligence
  • Obtaining banking licences
  • Acquisitions of domestic banks