Provision of Nominee Services

Provision of Nominee Services

Our Law firm provides professional nominee services in order to facilitate confidentiality for your business - thereby securing your corporate and financial privacy and anonymity. We are committed to providing first class support and have extensive knowledge and experience in order to provide an outstanding service. We undertake to act on behalf of our clients as trustees or nominees as requested.

Our nominee services include the following high-standard corporate services:

  • provision of corporate or individual director(s) in Cyprus and other jurisdictions;
  • provision of secretary;
  • provision of corporate or individual nominee shareholder(s) under trust agreement;
  • provision of registered office;

Provision of Nominee Director(s):

For clients to be able to enjoy the tax benefits associated with registering a company in Cyprus, it should be evident that the management and control of their company is in Cyprus. A key factor in determining this requirement is whether the directors are resident in Cyprus and the management decisions of the company are taken in Cyprus. Our Law firm provides our clients with either a corporate body or a physical person (or both) to act as director. Depending on whether the client wishes to be part of the director structure, either one or more Cypriot directors must be incorporated, as the majority of directors must be Cypriot in order for the company to be considered as a resident of the Republic of Cyprus for tax purposes.

Provision of Nominee Secretary:

We can also provide our clients with a corporate or individual secretary. The secretary of the company is always an experienced member of our firm .This way, we are enabled to prepare and file all statutory forms, resolutions, annual returns etc. with the Registrar of Companies and maintain it in good standing.

Provision of Nominee shareholder(s):

We are also able to act as nominees on behalf of the beneficial owner of a company by holding shares of a company in trust. We can appoint either a corporate body or a physical person. As nominees, we manage the company with the approval and consent of the beneficial owner. In order for our clients to feel secure and comfortable, we also provide them with share transfer forms signed, but undated, which they can use at any time to transfer the shares to their own names. The trust deed and share transfer given to the beneficial owner, puts them in complete control of the company.

All information provided by the beneficial owner is treated as strictly confidential. The appointment of a nominee shareholder under a trust agreement prohibits the disclosure of any information about the beneficial owner to any governmental institution, including the Registrar of Companies. The name of the beneficial owner is required only in case of opening a bank account in Cyprus banks. However, the bank does not disclose the information about the beneficiary to any other institutions. The signatory of the bank account can be the beneficial owner personally or the appointed nominee shareholder (but it must be an individual; legal entities cannot become signatories).

The following documents are provided by the nominee to protect the security of the beneficial owner:

  • a trust deed;
  • instruments of transfer (bearing no date);
  • directors’ resolution approving the transfer of shares to the actual shareholder;
  • the original share certificates issued in the names of the nominee shareholders;
  • undated letters of resignation of the nominee directors.

Provision of Registered Office:

As required by law, every company should have a registered address. We are able to provide our client companies with a registered office for the delivery of mail and other documents. All received documentation can either be forwarded to the beneficial owner or kept in the company's file for personal collection.

Bank accounts

We undertake the opening of your bank account with the bank of your choice. Such bank account can have all operations available including: online banking, debit or credit cards, cheque book etc. Members of our team handle the whole account opening process making it easy, fast and convenient for our clients. We offer one day bank account opening in Cyprus, provided that we submit the corporate documents, a bank reference letter and certified true copies of the passports of the beneficial owners and of the signatory, the Board’s resolution, and the signed application opening forms. We assist you on opening a personal or corporate bank account in Cyprus, without your physical presence being necessary. You may appoint our team as authorized signatories on your companies’ bank accounts and rest assure that will administer all of your affairs on your behalf.