U.K Company Formation

U.K Company Formation

Our Law firm’s team of corporate lawyers will assist you on setting up your UK Company. UK company law requires companies to maintain statutory registers of members and directors, details of shareholders, allotments of shares, transfers of shares, and mortgages and charges. Companies must also maintain accurate records of official meetings and must issue share certificates according to correct procedures. Our law firm will ensure all these documents are kept up to date at all times and we will deal with routine filings required by the UK authorities on your behalf.

Further we will assist you in maintaining your statutory company records that are required under UK law. Our Law firm includes the following services:

  • registration of a UK company within a few hours;
  • all corporate documents (including digital and manual documentation) along with the complete statutory registers;
  • registered Office Address in London;
  • nominee company secretary;
  • secretarial services to maintain official records;
  • director service address at our London address to maintain confidentiality;
  • preparation and submission of Annual Returns at Companies House;
  • preparation and submission of annual financial statements at Companies House;
  • maintaining records of official company meetings;

Information required by you:

  • the company's name;
  • registered address (we can provide with the provision of registered address, if required);
  • name(s) and address(es) of director(s) and company secretary (we can provide you with nominees, if required);
  • details of shareholders;
  • shares to be issued;