Will & Probate

Wills and Probate

A Will is a person’s one of the most important documents to prepare. The person’s “wills” are specified in a Will and its contents have serious implications both financially and socially. A Will may cover matters such as funeral arrangements, guardianship, legacies, as well as, who will inherit a person’s financial estate.

Our Law firm can assist you with proper legal advice so that you can understand the different options available while at the same time you ensure that the provisions of the law are not violated. Violating the provisions of the law may result to nullification of whole or part of the Will. In general, a Will in Cyprus must:

  • Be signed in Cyprus;
  • Have Executors who reside in Cyprus; and
  • Be witnessed by two (2) persons residing in Cyprus.

We would be happy on taking on any clients’ requests for drafting of a Will and help them to protect their interests and give them a peace of mind knowing that their estate is taken care in case of sudden death.

Our area of expertise is listed here below:

  • Drafting and executing of wills;
  • Administration of the estate;
  • Appointment as Administrators of a deceased person’s estate in order to guide the distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries;
  • Dealing with inheritance tax, capital gain tax and income tax matters;